Best Regates Royal in 15 years.......
05 Oct 2012, 06:14
Hello again Campers.. Read more


Ceremony of Dragon d'Or - Final Results 2012
01 Oct 2012, 19:38
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Speech delivery of "Golden Dragon 2012"
September 24, 2012, the Yacht Club de Cannes
Dear All, Dear Friends,
Here we are again meeting Dragon cocktail Yacht Club de Cannes, and it is with great pleasure that.. Read more

Winners of Brewin Dolphin Dragon Gold Cup 2012 - Kinsale Yacht Club - © David Branigan - Oceansport

Regates Royales Prize Giving Photos
30 Sep 2012, 10:21
Here are a few snaps from the Regates Royales prize giving which took place on the roof terrace of the Yacht Club de Cannes as the sun set over the final day of the regatta. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the organisers for a.. Read more

Regates Royales 2012
28 Sep 2012, 21:10
September 28th, Report and Final Results
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The highest peak
Last day for Dragon who chained three races to follow in ideal conditions: flat sea and land breeze from the North-East rather regular. Russian Anatoly Loginov.. Read more

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Winners of Brewin Dolphin Dragon Gold Cup 2012 - Kinsale Yacht Club - © David Branigan - Oceansport

Regates Royales 2012
27 Sep 2012, 20:31
September 27th, Report and Results
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In Dragon, Annapurna climbing up the poster to come down a notch under the effect of a cloud! For winning the sixth inning masterfully in the Bay of Golfe Juan, Russian Anatoly Loginov.. Read more

Regates Royales 2012
26 Sep 2012, 19:44
September 26th, Report and Results
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On a cloud.
The fourth round for the forty-three Dragon could be the turning point of the match! Because at the end of the first race run in Wednesday's Bay Golfe Juan in five knots.. Read more

Regates Royales 2012
26 Sep 2012, 07:45
September 25th, Report and Results
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A cloud of Annapurna

Two races were able to be launched on Tuesday for the forty-three Dragon in conditions quite difficult for tacticians because the course was wet banana in the.. Read more

Regates Royales 2012
25 Sep 2012, 20:23
September 24th, Report and Results
Press release (Google traduction)
Kick off delayed.
The Dragon would inaugurate the thirty-fourth edition of the Royal Regatta, Panerai Trophy in a light breeze from the south-eastern installed after a.. Read more

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